Dubysos aukštupio mokykla

„Ką norima įvesti į gyvenimą, tą reikia pirmiausia įvesti į mokyklą“ Vilhelmas fon Humboltas

Vision – a community school

A community school it is a resource-gathering center that integrates life and educational activities for the continuous personal progress of students.
A community school is a space open to all members of the community, pooling community resources for shared learning and improvement.
The activities of a community school are based on acknowledging and accepting the differences among the community members. It hosts many interesting activities for children, youth, families and the whole community.
The goal of the community school is for children to learn from the very cradle; students who meaningfully and purposefully participate in education and engage in learning and other activities; parents who are actively involved in children’s learning and also learn themselves.
A community school is a good place for lifelong learning. Everyone who participates in life of the school are in a safe, supportive and stable environment, learns according to individual abilities, experiences learning success in pursuit of personal maturity.
o RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, morality, caring for the community
o COOPERATION based on acknowledging and accepting the differences of others
o EXPRESSIVE PARTICIPATION in the learning activities
o POSITIVE PROFESSIONALISM and personal mastery.
o IDENTITY: Responsibility and pride in the place where I live and study.
The mission is to provide high quality education and childcare services in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that lays the foundation for lifelong learning.
Operational concepts: equal opportunities for education, integrationism, effectiveness and contextually of teaching. Time spent at school is a big part of everyone‘s life. Life at school is meaningful, happy, healthy and safe. Ways which we use to achieve results are important for the joy of learning and successfully acquiring knowledge. Every learner is perceived as a harmonious, reflexive, curious and communicative, principled personality who is attentive to the environment. The teacher has to help everyone to acquire the relevant, universal and integral skills needed in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world.
Strategic goals and objectives:
Goal 1. Strengthening inclusive education.
1.1. Strengthen personalized integral education.
1.2. Strengthen the strategy of corporate learning in the process of education.
1.3. Update the pre-school curriculum by supplementing science and math literacy topics and outdoor educational activities.
1.4. Apply the principles of democratic education in the schooling process.
Goal 2 Development of innovative education.
2.1. Apply information technology tools in the educational process.
2.2. Implement digitized curriculum.
Goal 3 Creating enabling environments for each child
3.1. Create ergonomic educational environments.
3.2. Update the base of information and communication technology.
3.3. To create attractive pre-school education environments.
Descriptions of strategic goals
Strengthening inclusive education. Inclusive education is a school culture that recognizes the uniqueness and value of one‘s personality and focuses on each child’s individual progress. It is based on pedagogical attitude that all students are different and achieve their best learning outcomes in a variety of ways. In inclusive education, teaching is planned and organized on the basis of acquiring knowledge about the student’s needs and experience: the participation of each child in all decisions of the educational process is consciously planned. In inclusive learning, all students become involved, show self-confidence and feel valued. Education moves beyond the traditional classroom: learning takes place in other internal and external areas of the school. The school community reflects on and discusses their learning activities as co-living events. The members of the community engages in self-assessment, are able to learn from their experiences, and reasonably plan for further learning.
Development of innovative education It is meaningful and purposeful learning, while taking advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technologies. Smart technologies at school are becoming equivalent to books and notebooks. Teachers are able to use the opportunities provided by smart technologies to individualize the educational process and strengthen students’ learning motivation. With the help of smart technologies, students’ personal progress is monitored and planned, and tasks are adapted to each student’s needs and pace of learning. Such education is attractive to kids. They willingly engage in learning, experience the joy of the process and are able to achieve the best results.
Creating enabling environments for everyone. The school creates environments that support and activate learning through communication and collaboration. The students are happy to learn in such environments, where they feel comfortable and engage in exploration and improvement. Advanced technologies as well as attractive methodologies and tools are used to getting to know ourselves and the world around us. Exploratory learning takes place in safe, inclusive and empowering areas inside and outside the school.